The “Spirit of Carmen” was relaunched in April 2021. Its aim is to enable the club to invest in major capital projects that will ensure our existing and future club members have the best indoor training facilities available to allow them to train no matter what the weather is.

The ‘Spirit of Carmen’ is that indefinable quality which sets us apart as a group of people. It is something which you cannot buy, only something that you can experience and believe.

All members of our club have been in the fortunate position to grow and develop within a community, which has benefited from the foresight and vision of our predecessors.

Who benefits?


The easy answer to this is everyone. From the early morning walkers to our underage on a Thursday night right through to our adult teams, who all enjoy a healthy safe environment, coupled with the ability to develop skill and experience the sense of belonging.

As a club we have continually strived to enhance our facilities and make them the best we can. We understand in a sporting sense that the future depends upon our youth and what we invest in them today will bring its own reward in years to come. While physical development is very important football will still be at the forefront of the club.

  • Phase 1 – A new multi-purpose indoor training facility located in the existing club car park.

How does Spirit of Carmen work?

The members of Spirit of Carmen pledge £240 per annum – less than £5 per week to Carrickmore GFC. Payment is made by choice of direct debit: £20 per month, £60 per quarter, £120 every half year or single payment of £240.

What is in the Spirit of Carmen for me?

The short answer is that you will be directly responsible for leaving the club fit for generations to come! You can see the positive impact our club has had on young people and how it has guided them into adulthood with a shared sense of values and community.


How do I join?

Contact any club committee member or our club treasure for details: