The club crest, which is emblazoned on our flag and jerseys, is that of St. Colmcille’s Bell. The story of the bell is one of the best known about the saint in our parish and has been handed down from one generation to the next.

The original Bell which measured 11 and a quarter inches in height was preserved for many years in the Mc Gurk family and was held in solemn veneration by all who knew of it’s power. Those trying to establish the truth of their argument used it as a swearing relic – if anyone laid their hand on the bell and swore a false oath, the bell would ring out despite having no tongue.

Around 1838, Canon Vincent who was Parish Priest at the time, took charge of the bell but eventually sold it to Charles Beresford. He in turn sold it to an antiques collector from Dungannon, John Bell. When Mr. Bell died, the bell was taken to Edinburgh Museum where it has remained ever since.

With the permission of the museum’s curator the bell made a brief return to Termonmaguirc on 12th August 2000 and was on display at the clubrooms at Pairc Colmcille to mark the dedication of the new facilities. Negotiations with the museum to return the bell on a more permanent basis have so far proved unsuccessful, but hopefully one day it will come to rest again in it’s home of Carrickmore .